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I HaTe Him!!

The first week I was in Hawaii I signed up for paddling.Once there a few weeks past and finally i made a frind and then I met her brother Matt.he was extremly attractive!After a race in Hilo we went to the water falls and swam and stuff.I mainly followed Matt.Soon after I spent the night at Mariah's house(my friend)and she told me her brother thought I was annoying!I was shocked but of well.Then after our long distance race on Saturday I got to spend the day with them.We went shopping and me and Matt hit it off he was so flirty!He was like a love sick puppy.He followed me everywhere.And always wanted my opinion on the clothes he was buying.It was so cute and sweet.then on monday wa a real jakeaSS!puTTing me down in fron of eeryone Telling me i CanT keep up.i waS So mad!!I HaTe Him!!


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