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The Real Romeo and Juliet

The Real Romeo and Juliet

I am older than my current boyfriend by three years, however, no one approved of the one I'm with because he had a few problems. He was rebellious to his mom and step-dad for one thing, and he was turning out to be the kind of person that would join a gang. Me on the other hand, obediant, quiet, and just trying to get along in life. Because of past experiances with other boys, I had HATED the very IDEA of love. I thought it was disgusting and a waste of time. I told all of my friends how pointless it was to have such a cruel emotion that made you vulnerable to be hurt. Some agreed, others didn't know for sure, and a few disagreed. Anyways, I met him awhile ago, but I wanted nothing to do with him because love scared me.

He on the other hand, wouldn't leave me alone. He followed me around like a little lost puppy, even though I was politely trying to tell him I wasn't interested. I had heard about his reputation, and knew that this wasn't someone I would want to be with. Of course, I thought he was rather attractive, I didn't tell him so. I was afraid he would use his devilishly good looks to reel me in and then hurt me. It took him two years of persistance to finally get my attention. As he got older, he got bigger and buffer, and to say the least, more masculine.

Now, by this time, he had been offered the gang life by a friend, but he thought about it and decided it wasn't a good idea. He had surprised all of us, including his own mom and my dad. Still, my dad didn't approve of him because of his reputation as a womanizer. I was still very obediant, and what my dad said, went. As a little more time went by, he still persisted by having me over at his house (I was friends with his sisters) and trying to be a really nice guy. I appreciated everything he did for me, but I was just too afraid to get close to him. I was afraid of what my parents would say, about the age, about the fact he has a bad reputation, and about the fact that I was still pretty innocent. I was afraid of him in a way. Until one night, it was cold in his house and there were only enough blankets for his sisters and himself. Being the oldest, I decided to let them have the blankets and the comfy couches. I would sleep on the floor and tough it out.

That's what I had planned on doing, until he brought his blanket to the floor and threw it over me and himself. I thought he was just going to try to persuade me to have sex with him, but he didn't even ask. He just told me good night and he fell asleep. I was shocked, and that's when the spark between me and him actually came. When I was sure he was fast asleep, I scooted closer to him. He was so warm, and so peaceful when he was asleep. I fell in love right then and there, looking at his face with his eyes closed. I wanted to lay my head on his chest so bad, but I knew it would wake him up and I didn't want that.

Another six months passed (we were seperated by long distance) and I met him again. He was absolutely GORGEOUS to me now, very much more manly than the last time I had seen him. He now had a mustache growing in, and he was putting on more muscle. However, me being three years older than him, I was already very feminine. I never felt attraction for anyone, and apparently, it was that way for him too. We started going out in secret, and he was very affectionate, but very respectful of me too. After about two weeks, we began to see how difficult it was keeping our relationship a secret. One of his sisters found out about us, but she never said anything. Finally, my boyfriend walked right up to my dad, no warning at all. This is what he said exactly, with me right next to him.

"Sir, me and your daughter have been together for two weeks already. I just wanted you to know that. I swear I love her, and I swear I'll take care of her. I came to tell you this myself because I'm not a coward, and I would rather have you yell at me than her."

I almost burst into tears. He had shown a lot of courage by doing that. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was intimidated by my dad, him being a retired military man. My dad looked at my boyfriend for a moment, stone-faced. He looked up at me, and I nodded, letting him know it was the truth. My dad was quiet for the longest time, and it was an intense moment. However, my dad put a hand on my boyfriend's shoulder and gave him a smile.

"You treat her with respect, and you'll have my respect."

My boyfriend nodded, and kept a strong face. He couldn't help but smile a little as he shook my dad's hand though. When me and him walked out of the room my dad was in, he breathed a HUGE sigh of relief, and we both laughed. That was the beginning of our relationship, which I am proud to say has lasted for four years.


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