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although im young, my heart couldnt last without his

im in love. my name is k.* im just a teenager going into my third year of high school. you could ask anyone how it could be possible to know you'll be with one person forever at this age and all will tell you it wont happen... then why is there the categorie of "highschool sweethearts"? i love seeing old couples holding hands, it gives me such great inspiration.
How it began was i.* actually used to be in love with my best friend, and the three of us were all really close friends, only i liked him a lot and he likes my best friend a lot. We ended up becoming closer and closer and he asked me out to my complete surprise.
i was so exstatic at first, but as we became closer and closer still, we fell truely in love. he started telling me we'd be together forever... it scared me because at this age, i couldnt imagine being with one person for the rest of my life, but now, as today i am exactly 5 months into this relationship, i realise that thought is nothing compared to the thought of not having him at my side for the rest of my life.
i went to go work somewhere for 2 weeks that is about an hour and a half away, (one week ago) and as neither of us can yet drive, we had no way to see one another. that was so hard on me. the longest we had been gone away from eachother, in the last year and a half was 6 days, so 2 weeks was quite the challenge as we see eachother almost every single day.
having this boy at my side keeps me going. i have just come out of a bad depression including a hospital stay. he was the one who pulled me out. im still faced with trials each day with my depression, but having him in my life keeps a smile on my face.
i cherish each moment with him, and although im young, my heart couldnt last without his, for now and forever. believe it or not, this is true love.



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