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I startd crying in class! ='(

Was it really just not meant to be or did I screw it all up?
My story begins in zero hour basketball class! "His" friend comes up to one day and mentions that "he" likes me. That's wen I actually startd to notice him! That's wen I actually startd to like him! We never talkd tho cuz we were both the shy type! So one day one of our friends told him to txt me n ever since then we've been talking! we txtd eachother 4 5 weeks straight (my friend kept count!) day in and day out(at least until 1 or 2 in the morning). I began to fall for him HARD! I really dnt wanna call it love bt there's just no saying! I liked him more then I loved one of my ex's! So I didn't know what to think.
He was a senior, I was a sophomore! The year was nearly over! Oh and did I mention he also had a gf of I think 8 months!? So yeah, he said he wasn't all that happy with her bt he wuldnt break it off cuz he didn't wanna hurt her!
One night, we were txtin as usual and he ended up telling me that he likd me! I was soooo happy like u have no idea! He gt embarassed b/c of the way he actually told me(he thought I was askin him who he liked wen realy I askd him if he thought anyone liked him and who, long story!) so he went to bed early that night!
A few days later, I told him that I liked him A LOT!! But that wasn't all I told him! I told him that the day b4 he told me he likd me, I hookd up with sum other guy! And that I didn't see a point in waiting 4 him if we weren't gunna hook up cuz he had a gf that he was gunna be with 4 a long time! I felt soooo bad telling him all that I startd crying in class! ='( he ended up telling me that him and his gurl were kinda over already cuz her mom didn't want them together! So I askd him if he thought we'd ever hook up. He said "if its meant to be."
A few weeks l8er, me n my bf broke up! Bt it was too late! The senior had already gotten back with his x! He was trying to make things better with the mom! So I askd him if I didn't have a bf wen I told him I liked him if he wuld've given up on his x & not tried to work things out! He said "yes"! I wantd to cry so much cuz I knew I had lost the one chance I culdve had with the 1 guy that I think I still do love!
I trid gtting over him b/c I knew nothing was gunna happen and the year was practicaly over! I knew if I didn't get over him?I'd be devastated (sp) wen summer came! Bt till this day, we still talk and for sum reason its impossible to get over him! He says he still likes me and I know I still do! Bt it just hurts to think of all the pain 1 guy caused me even tho we never hooked up! ='(
Till this day, there's not a day that I dnt think bout him! I've learnd my lesson. I wonder what wuld've happend if things were different! If it was really just nt meant to be or if it was n I just messd up!
Thanks 4 listening! =)


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