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I want to tell you I love you but I'm too stubborn to

We love each other so much since years now, and we both know it. We know we are meant to be with each other. When we first met, we started out just being friends, We started getting stronger feelings for each other a while after but it was just a crush, We're so alike and perfect for each other that now years later we are both too stubborn to tell each other. All we want to do is be with each other but we can't. It's foolish not for lovers to get together because of people, but everything is against us; family; friends; cultures; religions; nationalities; teachers; peers; countries.
I want to scream out to the world I love you but I can't
I want to confess my love for you but I won't
I want to run into the waves of the ocean away from all this
I want to break down and tear up to start crying but I shouldn't
I want to break this stubborn exterior that is holding my soul from bursting out and express my feelings but I can't
I want to tell you I love you but I'm too stubborn to


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