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I really loved him but couldn't fight. I am too proud

"Do you love me 'cos I'm beautiful or am i beatiful 'cos you love me?"- that was the question I used to ask my ex-boyfriend & he always found the answers. We had been togather for 5 years (now I regret that I wasted so much time on him). We were always together, no one could ever think that we'd break up. He picked me up at 9 in the morning & we were together till 1 or 2 in morining. Even when we went to our studies it was difficult to separate us. he used to call me at 4, 5 in the morning saying that he missed me. Even when we were not together we called each other every 10 min. But nothing can be that perfect. A girl appeared in his life. She was a threat I never noticed. She used to blackmail him telling that she'd kill herself or drink a poison unless he comes. That was oredeal for both of us. I gave him to her. I just couldn't stand all those threats, calls at night, cries as well. I got sick every time I heard her name. She was pain in the ass. I really loved him but couldn't fight. I am too proud


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