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The moment I saw him, I was entranced

The moment I saw him, I was entranced. I had followed him through a maze of shops, and when I thought I would never see him again, his sister (not knowing it was his sister) invited me into her store. Everything fell into place at that moment, as he stood across his sister's shop where we could stare at each other intently...I was overwhelmed by his fixed gaze. One thing led to the next, as he followed me to ask my name, and we later met in secrecy, fearing my mother's disapproval. He even gave me a cell phone so he could contact me. The next day, without my family's knowledge, he took the same bus with me into the city, sitting behind me for the entire 6 hour ride, where all we could do was sign to each other. On the third day, I first kissed him in the stairwell, and later that night we made love. I had to leave the country the next morning to go back to my own home, and after hours upon hours of conversation, and 15 months of no contact, I flew half-way across the world to visit him. My family had not known I had gone back to visit, where I spent the most memorable week of my life with him...Then a mere three months after that, I went back for what I thought was for good. We were going to get married, for I had never loved anyone more in my life. After two weeks, we were discovered, and I was forced to go back to my own country. I was furthermore forced to realize the termination of my love. Torn apart, I said goodbye. He told me I would be the one true love of his life...and perhaps in a another time...

Though many years will come and pass in my life, I will always remember him, as he will always be a part of all that I say, and in all that I do...


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