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his hugs are like a warm pillow

i just broke up with my bf almost a month ago, yesterday the 21 of july it was going to be 5 months that we were together, but it want going out how i planned it to be..he is sweet, a great guy that any girl would be lucky to be with..... he was my first kiss my first love i didnt really do anything crazy with him.. but this relationship was like a fairy tales dream it could never be for the fact that we never see each other, he lives kinda far away from me like about 35 to 40 minutes way from me, he doesnt have a car i wanst expecting Mr. Perfect, but i was expecting this great person who cares about me and be willing to do alot for me, he said he tried not as much and he had to but "he did tried" idk if to believe in that anymore for the fact that this was his second chance because i know everyone needs a second chance i gave it to him but he blew it why idk?? i am still asking myself that question.......... time pass and well he was being careless about this relationship in this 4 months and a half we only see each other outside school twice one time we went to the movies because his grandparents live really close to this movie theater and the second time he live really close to my friends house like in the same area code.... and well after all this break up i finally thought that well i could never had time to find another guy since i am going to 11 grade and i am 15 but how am i saying that if i am so young... so there was this guy wich i like before my ex.. he has a gf but he chose her before me because we both had feelings for each other but he didnt know about mines bs... but well now i really really like his twin brother his the sweetest in the family i mean cherrie is sweet but caramel is like sooooo much sweeter he likes to write poems like me we have alot in common we both like to give advices to people and well this story obviously doesnt end happy he broke up with his ex a year ago and he still has feelings for her he found out like 1 week ago that she doesnt like him anymore that way and well his trying to figure out what to do with his feelings....because i already told him my feelings for him... confessing all my feelings was a great idea even thought he hasnt really decide for any girl i feel more confortable talking to him now that he knows tht his one of the sweetest guys ive ever met in my life and any girl would be so lucky to be with him for the fact that his not perfect but he has something that i cant explain i would trully love to have a serious relationship with him.. because he makes me smile, his hugs are like a warm pillow that i would love to hug forever, his kisses obviously on the cheeks are like if i am in the clouds and i am eating candy like a little 3 year old child, when he speaks is like me hearing the birds sng each time i wake up in the morning....
my true conffesion i like this guy so much idk what to do and i always sacrifice myself for my friends true guys that i've like about 6 some of them liked my friends and well i knew my friends like them back so i had t help them to get with them cause i felt bad if i didnt sacrifice myself for my friends!!!!
but now is different i am not gonna give up on this guy i like him too much.. even thought his ex is one of my bestest friends i cnt do this anymore...............;)


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