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It all started when i was partying w/ all of my girlfriends. Ya I've dated a couple of guys that i met at a club. Ha not good every single one of them were stupid players! But this night was different.... this hunkaholic named chris and a couple of my (girlfriends) guy friends went up to all of us. All of my friends always tried to set me up with guys or (blinddates). They turned up B.A.D!
So i new this was a set up. When they came up to us he was just different. His beautiful smile, his brown hair, BIG blue eyes, perfect body. He was a prince the minute i layed eyes on him. But me always rejecting guys i rejected him. But all the guys i went out w/ or met ALWAYS asked if I love one night stands or do you like to swallow of spit. But Chris he just went up to me our hips touching. He ask me the simplest, not disgusting questions I've heard in my past bad dates. Couple of hours went by everything inside me was bubbling up!! The saying "love at first sight" well i didnt believe that but now.... i really feel that. He ask me to dance so i did. The night went on like a perfect fairy tale dream. But then we both notice mostly everyone was gone. My friends had left me no ride and the club was about to close. So Chris ask if he could take me home and I said yes duh. Finally i got to my apartment quiet and peacful late night. He asked me for my number so I did give it to him. Then he slightly give me a peck on the cheek. It was just a peck on the cheek but it made me shiver all over my body. I wondered what would happen if he kissed me? The next afternoon he called me. He asked me on a 2nd date. I said YES! that night we went to this carnival it was fun but... still so romantic. After that we went to this fancy restraunt. He paid for everything. Then he walk me to my door. I asked him if he wanted to come in and so he did. We sat there drinking some rasberry wine. Im not a wine person but he found it in the refrigerator probably my roommates. We suddenly just stopped and we look into each others eyes. I got a little closer, he got a little closer. Just staring , then he leaned for the kiss my reaction the same. Then our lips brushed, meeting. Then we started going into it more my shirt off and his pants almost off. Then...... my roommate walk in!! With her date too. Me and chris look at them and then at each other. Then my crazy roommate said was i interupting something? I was like umm.. ya! duh! Then chris said he better go and it was getting late. So he left w/ one more last long kiss. So couple weeks left and we were getting more and more then just wild make out sessions. Then one night it was my birthday and he got me all these kinds of gifts. And he said he was going to make dinner for me. So we got through with dinner and then we walk into his room. We were ready.. it was so good! and he was amazing!it was the best birthday presant ever!! Then we started dating some more and more.
Now we have been dating for 3 years now and we have our fights now and then but... guess what i found my charming prince. I dont know when but a couple of his friends said to get ready for a ring!!


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