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he is a sweet, caring, and very good looking person

Halloween. That would be when it started, I guess. But I wasn't even quite a part of it then. My best friend in the world was Daniel. He had family issues, so he got a family therapist. This therapist had a son, and thus the story begins. This son, Greg, and Daniel became good friends, and were often seen with eachother. Yet again we come to Halloween, when our entire group congregated at Daniel's house for a night of trick or treating. We may have been 13 years old, but what does age matter so long as the old folks on the street are still willing to give you candy? Anyway, Greg was there, and left only five minutes before my friend Teresa and I arrived. Chalk it up to fate, but our other friend Lindsay met him, and, not as a way of cheating on her boyfriend but as a way of finding a new friend, they exchanged phone numbers. Greg realized Lindsay had a boyfriend, Jesse, but flirted with her, only because it was a natural reflex, and any guy with a pulse would be crazy not to want to flirt with her. She's gorgeous. Anyway, Teresa and Lindsay and I came up with a slightly cruel natured scheme to get him "off her tail." Teresa and I told him our names were Rebecca and Natasha- just for the mystery of it, or in case he ever met us with Daniel- and flirted with him. After a lot of attempts to get him to leave Lindsay alone, he decided that I, or should I say Natasha, was the new object of his affection. I realized that I really did like him, because he is a sweet, caring, and very good looking person. That night he told me that he wanted to meet me. I had not been faking my personlity, and I had no reason to believe he was faking his, and so I felt that he really wanted to meet me, and I felt the same. I didn't feel right lying to him if we were to have a potential relationship-- especially about something as evident as a name. The next morning I told him the truth about my name. He still does not know about "Project 'Shake Loose,'" but that is the kind of secret that does not hurt a relationship if it is not told, but may if it is. The scheme was executed in early November of 2006, and Greg and I continued to talk over text messages from that day until mid-January. He is seventeen to my fourteen, but in our case age is not a factor. Still, I stopped talking to him after my Christmas vacation, as I became paranoid and thought he only wanted the "one thing." In March we began speaking again, against Lindsay, Teresa, and Daniel's advice. Now they have grown into the idea, and Greg and I are happy together. Though, we still haven't met. I can feel such a strong connection to Greg, and we try our best to meet every weekend, but he lives kind of far away from me, so we can't see eachother as often as we'd like. I hope that someday very soon we can finally see eachother, because I know that our relationship is one that will last for a very long time. Although I haven't seen him personally, we have long phone conversations almost every night, and we keep pictures of eachother in our wallets. I can feel myself falling in love with who I see him as. I can only hope that we will feel the same when we finally see each other-- face to face.


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