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all you need is peace love and happiness

Well me and my boyfriend didn't even know eachother until highschool we live in a small town where nothing ever happens. We had no clue the we lived just 10 mins apart till we started dating..Funny huh? We became friends freshman year and some of sophomore year. His friend kept aggravating me trying to hook us up. But I felt if I said yes like I wanted to he would feel that I was doing it to shut his friend up. So it went on for a month or two after the friend finally stopped nagging. I told my friend that I was thinking about asking him out, she said go for it so I said to myself that I would the next day. the next day before 4th period i stood at my friends locker waiting for the bell when she got really excited and whispered something to a girl standing there. I turn around and there stands My now BF and he asks me something. well i wasnt really paying attention i say huh? really dumbfounded and he asks me out How ironic!!! come to find out he liked me as much as i liked him..woo hoo i was so excited i hugged him on the spot---to add to the excitement my friend had started dating a really great guy the day before!!! woohoo again. well now we've been together for over 7 months and are happy as ever and in love so deep we dont even care. we have never fought over anything like teenage relationships tend to. I love him now and forever... and he says he wants to marry me!! how awesome its not official but it will be he says.. were going to wait till after HS so its not so difficult to get ourselves started in life... oh well sometimes all you need is peace love and happiness i know i couldn't ask for more!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3


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