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2 years on and i still think of her every day

i met a girl was i was 18, she was best friends with a girl my best friend was going out with. At the time she had a boyfriend but we got along so well we kiss the first night we met, we pretty much fell for each other the minute we saw each other and within 3 months we were boyfriend and girlfriend. i never felt so strong about anyone before, it really was love! We spent as much time together as possible together! I had just started an apprenticeship a month before i met her and every day after work i went home showered and went straight to her house to see her. I couldn't have been happier with anyone else, to me she was the one for me, a thing i thought didn't excised as my parents separated after 25 years of marriage! She went to college Monday to Friday and work in shop 3 nights a week and all day Saturday and the odd Sunday, a job she had since she was 16. after a year i had lost all contact with my fiends which was pretty much my own fault, i had become consumed completely her and friends didn't matter anymore as long as i with her, she was like a drug that you would kill to have and have no remorse for doing so!!! At this stage Amie was my life. After 3 years i thought everything was going good i genuinely thought this was the girl i would marry. We suddenly started fighting over stupid things,it seemed like she wanted me to break up with her, a thing i could never have done. Sadly she released this and one night at a friends house we had argument over nothing, which she started, and she broke up with me! I never felt such pain, the girl i love more than life it self hurt me more than anything! i know from my parents divorce if loves not there it just ain't there but what was to come hurt me more than the break up! Two weeks after we broke up i had heard she started seeing a guy she worked with which just happen to be her bosses son a guy she work with for years. The guy was 2 years younger than me and had just bought a new house and car two things Amie wanted that i could not afford to give her! I love Amie more than anything this world could every offer me and she will always own my heart! 2 years on and i still think of her every day and it just kills me inside to know i will love again but I'll never love anyone like i loved my babygirl!


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