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it sounds corny i dont care we might go out

i think about this guy that i know he's sixteen and i am thriteen and we text a lot really late he asked if i like him i said yes then i asked him if he liked me he said yes i do like you and well i dont know what way he likes me think about him now since i found this site and it said it was okay to date someone 3 to 4 years older i ould date him and hold his hand to i would wait to kiss he is all i think about i want to go out with him my friend thats friends with him is going to talk to him the thing i know what he looks like but he forgets what i look like so i will give him a picture of me i was day dreaming of him and me going out on a date well a doulble date with on his best friend an my best friend because they are already going out and me and him where sittin away from them and we wherre holding hands and kissing before the movie started then he had his arm around me and i had my head on his shoulder t sounds corny i dont care we might go out.this is really he does text me saying hay sexy and stuff we where flriting on my brithdayon the phone and my friend said he wanted to talk to me this was like when we started to talk then he goes hay sexy was up it was sweet how he said it i wont forget that


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