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it's important to wait...especially when it comes to love.

It was on our way home from the restaurant, our first date! A date with the denist. Cute, young, very polite & a few years older than me.The traffic was bad as well as the weather on the way back home. In the car, he turned to my direction & said, "Look, I want to show you something." All I could see were the reflection of the other car lights in his bright, blue eyes. He quickly moved closer & I knew what he was up to. I quickly moved the other way & he missed...yes he was gonna kiss me on the lip. I thought I ruined the night, a night wih the hansome doctor. He never spoke a word since I said, "I'm sorry...I wasn't ready yet." His hansome eyes looked teary since. I felt so bad, I wish I kissed him. So desparate...I knew there was love between us.
On his calls since the incident he never spoke with happiness. He's more serious with serious-like conversations, more quieter & shows plenty of respect. I guess I changed his personality a little. He spends so much time listening to me, always with respect & always responding, but not a cheary as he use to be.
On our second date, he finally admit that he loves me, "I love you & I don't want to lose you. I'll do anything in the world, anything to make you happy."
It was then I kissed him. I felt good & I could tell from his facial expression that he was happier than ever. We've been closer ever since. I just believe in a thing called's important to wait...especially when it comes to love.
-Joanna 18yrs-


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