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becuz of what i heard, i am not with the only boy i will ever love.

ok so this is very depressing. ok so when i was in 6th grade there was this conceited, hot, popular 7th grader. My brother was in 8th grade and their grades didn't mesh very well. my friends didn't like him either. So i completely ignored this boy all of that year. the next year i kept on ignoring him even though i saw he had started to like me. then one day i saw him w/ his girlfriend and i felt a twinge of jealousy in my stomach. but i still never tlked 2 him. he tried even harder to get my attention when i was in 8th grade and him in 9th and i almost tlked 2 him but it was in the middle of church. a little while little he was going 2 tlk 2 me at the carnival but i had already left, then at a football game but i was 2 stupid 2 get it. this year i was in 9th grade and him 10th. i still havent tlked 2 him but i realized i love him and he loves me. but my brother still hates him and will not give him a chance. my friend sent him a song and ever since hes been really depressed. my friend and his friends have tried everything 2 get us together. that is the last time i listen 2 anyone else's opinion; becuz of what i heard, i am not with the only boy i will ever love.


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