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chills would run up and down my spine

Before i met my 1st love i had become comfortably numb until he opened my eyes to how it fells when everything is alright! Girls like me stay home on friday and saturday nights studying instead of out partying. Wow! where do i start i first met him at his older sister's b-day party. It was the first time i had met him or his sister it's rather funny actually. A friend of mine convinced me to go mainly to meet him. I was told he was 15 and looked older than he was, BOY was my friend right! He looked like brad pitt tall, dark, and handsome! I am more on the shy side and as soon as i walked he walked up and asked me to dance and i shyly accepted, now i am in no way outgoing but things just clicked and chemstry took it from there. We talked and i found that we go to two different high schools and he's on his high schools football team. When he would touch my arm or just barely brush up against me chills would run up and down my spine. His mom even told my friend that she thought he really liked me!! Long story- short we are in the process of officially becoming a couple he is so sweet. We talk all the time and hang out. And since the day we met i haven't been able to stop thinking about him! I'm the type of girl who hides when a good looking guy comes my way. And no matter what is going on in my life whenever i am with him it all seems alright. He is so thoughtful and compassionate and im in love for the first time.We bring out the best in each other and i'd like to say hey "For worse or for better babe, were better together" Not only did i gain a my 1st true love that day but his sister and i are best friends.


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