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So differnt on the outside, but so much the same on the inside.

An unusual night in the later months of 2005. As usual my friends & I go to our normal hangout for a couple of drinks. After some time, we wanted to explore the town a little. We came to this place, tucked away from the street. Not sure what we were going to encounter when we got there, but ended up having a blast.

See, there was this unique, gorgeous eyed, incredibly talented man standing in the midst, playing & singing music. My friends wanted to sing but I was very hesitant. We agreed on a couple of songs, & as lit as we were that was the only way I was getting up to sing. As horrible as it was - it was so much fun!!!

At that time I was only able to venture out every other week to this place, to make myself look like a total fool in front of people & succeeded very well at it might I add - but I didn't care - it was fun! As we continued to go there it was becoming more & more apparent that I was developing feelings for this amazing man.

One night, our paths collided @ another venue on the opposite side of town - now normally I would have not driven that far out to enjoy a night with my friends, but see, the night before I was finally getting up the courage to talk to him & when my friends said he was going to be there - I was in my car & couldn't get there fast enough.

As we walked in, he recognized me right away, smiled & made some remark so everyone could hear it. We sat down in the middle, with just enough room around us for him to notice my eyes looking so intently at him. Believe it or not it worked. After some probing around on both of our ends - it became apparent the feelings were mutual. There are things I recall from that night I will never forget, like the way he took his hand across my leg as he walked by, how he pulled me close to him to sit on his lap, the smell of his cologne as he whispered in my ear, the nervousness I felt when he decided to join us for an after party at one of our mutual friend's house. I remember waking up in his arms the next morning, trying to put together the night before. Him & I rushing to get ready cause I had my child to get home to & he other obligations to attend to. Then, I realized that my friend took my car home the night before & I rode with him - I needed a ride. You know that weird feeling you get when you have so much to say but can't get it out, that is what the ride was like - until he dropped me off asking me the BEST pick-up line I ever heard - "What are you doing tonight?" I said "I don't know" & he said "Wrong answer - you are doing me!!!" Ok, now before everybody goes haywire here - let me emphasize on the lack of brain cells in most men & women in my city - that line was priceless!!

That night we went out again & the next morning when he asked me the very same question as the day before - I looked at him & said with a smile "YOU!!", he smiled back and said "YOU GOT IT!!!"

For some reason not only did we have a connection that was playful, fun, & sexy but we also shared such a passion for music. All my life I dreamed of singing, or acting. He asked if I ever thought about getting involved in the industry some way. I told him no & that I wouldn't be good at it - he ended up proving me wrong in the long run. Every show he had, I was there, every night he had no show, we got together to enjoy each other's company. As time past, it became more & more noticable that we had more & more feelings then either of us wanted to admit. One night, he asked what I was feeling - I didn't want to tell him, I was scared of the outcome - I was completely caught off guard by his response. I confessed that I was falling in love with him but that I knew I couldn't have him 100% all to myself - you see, we both were faced with a relationship that neither one of us were happy in. To our amazement, things went down rather quickly & played out to our advantage but it hurt so many including both of us to this day.

One morning I get a call from him saying that his other half had not returned home from the night before, then the his other line beeped - it was her. She told him that it was over & he had just a few days to get all his stuff out. I did not hesitated to tell him to move into my house, not that I wasn't happy that this happened but I didn't want to see him go through what he has since then. If it ultimately didn't work for us, at least he he knew he had a very close friend he could count on to be there however he needed me to be. So, he moved in & 2 weeks later my house sold, & we had to make the decision to go separate ways & get different appartments or get one together. Obviously we ended up getting one together. It was very small & many times extremely hellacious to live with each other, but with every hell, there was a new carnation flower opening up everyday.

You know how no matter how much you plan for the future it can change at a drop of a hatch, that happened at the most unexpected moment in our relationship. He was gone working on a project, when I received the most horrible news anyone could get - You have an incurable condition & are expected to live less than 2 more years. They can't cure the problem but can try to keep the symptoms under control. As I told him what was going on, as he was 2000+ miles away, he had the chance to run, to end it - but stood there staring at this statue realizing he couldn't run - he wanted to make sure that I was able to live out my remaining life to the fullest.

After a lot more testing, lots of medication additions & changes, being in CCU & spending several nights, & sometimes a week at the hospital, carring me because I don't have enough strength to move myself, being questioned by people who don't know or understand about my disease, being there holding a cool rag on my head, holding me trying to calm my beating heart as it reaches to beats so high that I pass out from it, being at every doctor's appointment & hospital visit even when my own brothers, family & friends disowned me - he was there.

Here we are a year & half later, living in a bigger place, getting ready to move in the coming months to the spot that will house us until we make the BIG move out west where it will help me to enjoy life more, simply because I won't be stuck indoors because the humidity is too high or it's too cold that I can't breath. Too much change in the weather affects me - unable to enjoy what is around. We have built an amazing business together, sharing our love & passion for music to so many people & helping them to follow their dreams, because no time is better then right here & now. If it weren't for him, my dream would have never came true both personally & professionally.

Last year he took me to a place that has become my sanctuary, the very place I want to spend the last days of my life living - the stillness of the water, the sun rising revieling the sky around you & realizing the beauty of all that God created when he made you just for that one person.

Everyday is challenging for us, but he has been by my side through it all...He truely is an amazing man, brother, best friend, business partner & partner in life anyone could have ever asked for.

I, your Baby Koala has a love that runs so deep that even a Bratty Cobra's venomous posion can't kill it with it's most deadly strike. So differnt on the outside, but so much the same on the inside.


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