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One night he asked me out and I ended up saying no

When I was in 8th grade I met a guy and we dated for about 2 months then broke up... let me tell you nothing speacial. But then when I was a freshman in my computer key class I had a guy sit in front but diagonal to me. We used to ride the bus together in elementary school and i remember he was mean to me and always told on me. But one day he was talking to someone next to him and I said thanks for telling everyone you have a brother,( I was only kidding). But he gave me this huge smile and we started talking as friends. I started to like him ALOT but then at a football game one night, I was with my cousin and she was standing infront of my crush and his friend told my cousin that he liked her. My hopes went down the drain on that one. Well later on the didnt date or anything because he liked me. We talked on the phone and at school for about 2 or 2 and a half months. One night he asked me out and I ended up saying no because I was afraid of being hurt again. But then on December the 2nd a month after i said no he asked me back out. I know it was at 3:10 right after school. I said yes of course because i was head over heals for this guy. That was over and year and 7 months ago. Were still together and pretty much already planned our future together. Im excited and scared at the same time but I know we would make it through together!


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