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When Iím with you I feel lucky

My Love Story
I fell in love with him since i first saw him, everyone kept saying it was jst a crush, that's wat i fort. But when you lose sleep and stop eating, you tend you question what you've been doing all that time.

Me and him had been friends for a long time and still are but i dunno, i lyk him more now.
It's scary, im talking 2 him now online.
what shall i do?
all i feel about him is:
Is this love?

Everyone said weíd be good together
But we were friends forever
No matter what we been through
In all the ups and downs too
But lately Iíve been getting this feeling
Youíre everything Iíve been thinking
Now with you Iím nervous, sweaty and sore
Iím scared itís not the same no more
Youíre in my thoughts and in my dreams
I hope this isnít what it seems
When Iím with you I feel lucky
I just wish you feel the same way about me
This new feeling, Is it love?


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