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I finally got the courage to tell a guy I liked him...

His name is Manuel and I met him last year while taking some swimming classes. We got talking one day while we were in the pool and I found him rather annoying. He had a great sense of humour but loved to tease, almost to an unbearable extent. We became friends, although, really, I found him very much a jerk. Then, one day, I found out his father had passed away. From that moment on, he changed. Not completely. Sometimes, he'd still tease me and annoy me. Yet, he acted more like a gentleman, treated me more like a lady. This year began and I tried with all my might to avoid the topic of his father. Once, we took a walk together and he was telling me all about his future. That was when I realized how determined he was.I also realized that he had a good heart, despite my previous belief, that he was simply an annoying jerk. I told him that and he said, 'Yeah, that's from my father. He had a very kind heart.' I froze. Manuel then quietly said how much he missed him and I put a hand on his shoulder, trying to comfort him. That's when my feelings began forming, once i realized how kind-hearted he really was. Our high school prom came along and he spent the first hour in silence, and I knew he was thinking about his father. I convinced him to dance, and we ended up slow-dancing together. After prom, he told me that our dance meant a lot to him and that he thought I was a great dancer. After that, he continued complimenting my dancing (I take dancing lessons) and my personality (i'm a bit of an optimist)and called me 'amazing' several times. Finally, one day, I gave in to my feelings. After deciding to tell him and see how things go, I took him aside one day and told him I needed to talk to him. Just as I was about to tell him, he asked me if I was going out with this other guy. I denied it but he kept insisting that I tell him the 'truth'. Of course, I wasn't able to tell him what I had actually meant to say. It took several days before I finally told him, only I told him I 'used to' like him. First, he seemed dismayed, then confused, then he asked my about the 'other guy'. All the while, I was waiting for him to give me some clue as to whether or not he shared my feelings. He didn't. Or at least if he did, he refused to show it because he said nothing after a while and I asked him not to mention it again. It was awkward for me, the next few days after I told him.I haven't really seen him since, but have no lost hope in ever being with him. Maybe one day, he may feel the same. But I'm still proud of myself, because I finally got the courage to tell a guy I liked him...


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