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he unintentionally pops into my thoughts

Fell in love when I thought it could never happen again. First time was a devastating heartache as I truely believe once you love someone, "you are for them for everything."

Although snce, I have only dated very good catches. But, still pushed everyone away, even the one I was falling in love with. Stupid, I was for being such an ignorant bitch, but stupid he was to not see that I loved him and just afraid.

I know I am in love with him. I know there is not one thing in this world I wouldn't do to make sure he had a smile on his face everyday. When times were rough, I know there is not one thing in this world I wouldn't do to try to make it better. I love him, because it's been a long time since I've seen him, but every single day he unintentionally pops into my thoughts, and makes me wonder how he's doing. Everyday, unintentionally my heart actually aches for him. Everyday I can't stop thinking of him, no matter who I am, what I am doing. Everytime I'm with someone, all I can think of is him.

From this point on, I can honestly say that the "GREAT LOVE," experience you're supposed to find.... has done nothing but kill me inside. I don't ever want to feel like this again.

This man who came from nowhere, (unexpectedly,unwantededly), just appeared one day and stole my heart. The sad thing is, is I think he felt the same way about me, but he is as stubborn as me and we were both too stubborn to give in.

The sadder thing is one day both he and I will die of old age or whatever, and we will end up dying without seeing how good our true love could have been.

The saddest thing is: I wish I could rid him of my thoughts, because everyday I think of him and everyday he has no clue
of what he means to me. Everyday, I realize I need to stop thinking of him as he no longer thinks of me. But the thoughts of him are automatic and every day that passes just causes me more grief and sorrow and sadness for the letting the man the holds my heart go....


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