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Hey I'm a 13 year old girl,I'm a cheerleader for H* Middle school, and there is this boy that i really loved. I asked my friend to hook us up and we got together and that Friday i went to the basketball game and this girl came over there and said that he went with another girl so i got mad and walked away and my friend who hooked us up went down there and told him that i was crying so he wanted me to come down there where he was so i went over there then he started acting crazy cause of that and but before he was asking questions: like why did i walk away i wouldn't answer that's when he started actin' crazy then he was like do you see how it feel to ignore me. Then we broke up because of some he say she say. after about 2 days we got back together because i loved him and then i found out that he was cheatin' on me so i took him back again cause stilled loved him then about 5 more times i gave on him so he started going wit my friend they only went together about a week then she found out that he was cheatin' on him she broke up with him and after they broke up i was wonder why he was giving me hugs (at the time i didn't know that they broke up) i really didn't care for that hug cause because at the rime i liked someone else so the person i liked i asked him did he have a girlfriend he was like not no more so my friend she was there and when we got in 7th period she said he said no but come to find out he said yes so at the relay for like walk this past Friday (May 18,2007) i had just found out that we went together i was happy cause i got my man but the one before he was standing there looking crazy then when i walked by he said hey i said hey back to him and kept walking cause i'm over him now but i can tell that he still likes me because of the way he looks at me but he can look all he wants cause now i found my true love and his dumb ass is now founding out who really loved him. BUT WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO IT I FOUND MY TRUE LOVE AND MY EX IS LOOKING LIKE AN ASS!!!!!!! I FILL SO MUCH BETTER GETTING THIS SHIT OFF MY CHEST . THANK YOU FOR TAKING YOUR TIME OUT TO READ MY STORY!!!!!!!


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