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I'm not ever going to kiss your ass, no matter how much I truely love you

You think you find the love of your life. When all you find is he is in love with himself more than anything or maybe he just wants someone to kiss his ass. You'd think one would learn to let love place a stronger power than the arrogance and the ignorance.

I will love you til' the day I die. You carry a huge place in my heart and a part of me. I don't like you, I think I love you. Although I love you and you don't want to try, I'm not stopping my life and I definitely won't hold my breath for you. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you, but I'm not going to be here any longer for you either. And you know who made that choice? You. I'm not going to prove it to you over and over. You're the one who is wrong here. It's not my words that is empty, it's your heart.

So good luck (once again) and just know that you are the only one who fills my heart with this feeling. You're wrong. I used to think it was is "our loss," but the more arrogant I see you are, makes me realize it's YOUR loss.

I'm not ever going to kiss your ass, no matter how much I truely love you. So move on, because I have.


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