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There is real love out there......(really...).

Fell in love with Mr. Right. He never knew it though. He was the only one after several tries of not letting anyone get close and he did. I will love him forever, but sad thing is he'll never know it. He broke my heart, but he didn't know he did that either.

Never thought it would ever come around again. But it did. I tried to avoid it. Never believing anyone could be true, really have a huge heart regardless of all the stupid possessions. I just wanted someone "real."

Now, I am looking at the ring on my finger. No matter my stupid and senseless attempts of not letting him get close, he didn't give up. I wasn't playing games, just scared of a broken heart. I was so mean at times, but yet he saw through everything I didn't want anyone to see.

I never had faith in love, because I was broken once and only one time. But, here he came and he wouldn't give up.

I don't need the man that I am engaged to. But, I know that I love him and I don't see how anything else could make my life better.

Don't give up. There are so many opportunities out there. I was no negative against love (and probably still am), but
for some odd reason when the "right one," does come around, you'll know it. Somehow you just know it.

From all my experience of relationships, I have finally
and unintentionally realized what was always missing....

The one I am marrying. He is the exact thing that I have been missing all my life.

There is real love out there......(really...).


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