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He saved my life

My boyfriend saved my life.

I met him through a mutual friend, and a few of us came over to the house to watch some movies. It was a great night, and everyone was having a blast. Slowly, one by one, everyone left and it was just me and him. We joked around, and I showed him everything that there could possibly be in my apartment until there was nothing to do.

I didn't want him to go, we were having so much fun, so we went out on the balcony so i could show him my crappy view, it was the middle of december and it was really cold, so he suggested we should go inside. I still didn't want him to go, so I started swinging back and forth on the railing trying to scare him into thinking i was falling.

He gave me a look, and went inside looking angry. I was astonished. It had taken me one day to scare a guy away, less than one, and I thought I really liked this one. So I went to jump off the railing to run inside and apologizing and I slipped and started to fall backwards off the railing. He came bursting out from behind the door, grabbed me, pulled me to him and carried me in the house.

It turns out, he was sitting right inside the whole time watching to make sure I was okay. Two weeks later we were dating. It was our one year anniversary a few months ago, and I couldn't be happier. He saved my life, literally and figuratively, and now I couldn't imagine it without him.


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