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His friend dared me to kiss my crush

Okay, so I am 16 years old and I still have never been really kissed. My parents aren't really strict about me having boyfriends or anything, but they are just really paranoid. They think that I am not old enough to have a boyfriend, and the second that I get one I will end up pregnant. I always tell them that that will never be me, and they still worry. I have never even had an actual boyfriend, and I have been asked out before-just for some reason I always get scared of getting too close to a guy because my parents have made me feel like its wrong or something. The closest thing I have ever had to a real kiss, is when my best friends were hanging out with me, and this really cute guy that we all had a crush on was outside playing basketball with some of his friends. We were all friends with him, and we went over there to hang out with them. It was their idea to play Truth or Dare. From the moment they said that, I knew that someone was going to be dared to kiss someone else. So, when it came to my turn, I said I wanted to be dared, because I wanted to be fun and I just wanted him to like me. His friend dared me to kiss my crush. He was sitting on the ground, and he was like-"Go ahead." So, I was nervous and I said to him..."I'm not going to kiss you while you're sitting down. Stand up". So he got up, and was kind of tense- I could tell he was just as nervous as I was because he wouldn't make the first move and he was biting his lip. So, I took a step toward him, and gave him the quickest kiss you ever saw. It was only a peck, because there were like 10 people standing around watching us, and I like to say that was my first kiss so I don't sound completely pathetic. But secretly I don't count that, because a real kiss is with someone you like and you're alone and doing it because you want to-not for a dare.
Today, my parents are still worried about everything I do, but I'm learning to stand up to them and tell them what I really want to do and feel.


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