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We laughed, we cried

I had a feeling something special was about to happen before he stepped into my life. Because he was there, I'm glad I stuck through the hard times. I spent hours into the night talking with him on the phone and when we were apart, all we did was think about each other. When I said I was too shy to be kissed, he respected my space until I was ready, and awkward as it was, I knew we were still perfect. We laughed, we cried, we stuck it out through everything. And from the very beginning, we never had to here "I love you." We just knew it. And from the very beginning, we never had any doubts. We just knew it. Neither of us had dated before, and our devotion was uncanny, but it was special. Maybe it was too special. Maybe you can be too much in love. Well, "Till death do us part"...
But I still don't think we've parted.
Thank you for touching my heart, my someone, and rest in peace.


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