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so really do you ever reach the limit?

this isnt really a story about anything thats happened to me or relationships ive had... its more about how i feel about what could happen and what might have happened.
theres a guy. (you saw that coming) i love him. some peope (my friend for instance)tell me im not in love and that i cant be because im too young. (15) but it doesnt matter how old you are. if you want the other to be happy to the point of making your life misarable i think it qualifies...
anyway. i was thinking one day: i wonder if i really love him or i think i do... and i finally figured out that if id never met him i probably would "love" some other guy right now... and i would think it was the truest deepest love id ever feel. and maybe it would be. but now that ive met him i think that exact thing about HIM. and im not saying that it could never be out-matched. but it is definately the strongest... so really do you ever reach the limit?


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