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I am so sorry you are so wrong

I am so sorry you are so wrong.

You are the best thing in this world, and I wish you would believe me when I told you I was not screwing around. I think you were the best thing the first day I met you and, I still think you are the best thing now. I love you now and always will til the end of time. You are number one! I know you read these and I hope you contact me when you realize I wasn't screwing around. I'll wait, but not for long. If you decide to never come back, that's fine to. But, I will always consider you as my dream man come true. I miss you and adore you and just want you to know I was afraid at first but not for too long, I realized how much I liked you. I had no desire to even look at anyone. But, I can't say anymore, if you don't believe me, then it's your insecurity that wins. But I will always love you.



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