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my heart is only for you


I think you are the best in this world. I freaked out because I never had feelings for someone like I had for you. It was so fast too, but my feelings were true; and still are and I just never thought you'd be different from everyone else. Shock it was to me, because you are very different.

You are number one and I just want you to know, I can't forget you. I try, but thoughts of you, just come up- All the time. No matter where I am at, who I am with, I am there of you. Then end up with my heart flipping all around, because I'm not with you.

I adore you, and I fell for you the very first moment I saw you. Everything about you--- just blew me away. I am so impressed by you, everything about you, and this is all besides that you are so "hot." But what captured me, was, I could tell, no matter how great you are, you're success, your wealth, you are a good person inside who wouldn't turn your back on anyone- you've real... You're true and you not being here has truely broken my heart. Twelve years of trying to avoid falling, and I fell for you the first moment I saw you. You blew me away and you have no idea how I regret treating you the way I did.

You are number one, and the way I still feel for you, makes me realize, that my heart is only for you. I am so----- I think the world of you and I can't stop thinking and hoping for you.

I just wanted you to know all of the above. If you never come back, I also want you to know, I wish you the best---because, that is all you deserve.



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