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omg im am so IN LOVE WITH HIM....

Im in love with this guy who only see me as a friend but i see him in my dreams as my lover im so in love it sucks i dont wanna fall for him and him not catch me i do0nt want to love him and he not be in love with me but anyways he is my BESFRIEND WE DO EVERYTHING TOGEATHER we play basketball , go shopping ,he stays the night over my house we watch movies and he gave me my first KISS,we love eachother so much but he love me as a friend but im starting to love him more than just a friend now he have this girlfriend who is a cheerleader i hate her sooo much she takes all his time from me now i hate him i wanna kill him he is such a jerk now but one day me and him we was outside of his house cause i had to talk to him well we talk but i was yelling at him telling him i hate him and he acts like i dont exist when shes around so i was yelling and hiting him and cryin when he grabed my hands and kissed me omg was all i could think he then let go and said im sorry ill dump her im so sorry i didnt think she was a problem for us i dont wanna lose you over because of her then he looked me in my eyes and said sorry I LOVE U felt like my heart came complete now we are togeather but mot as friends as lovers and has been for 4 months now omg im am so IN LOVE WITH HIM....


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