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I wish you the best, because that is truely all you deserve.

Is there a cure to get rid of a broken heart? Swept away by
a wonderful man/beautiful, genuine person, but he's not part of my life anymore. My heart is crying for him. I try to forget and date others, but the only one I'm thinking of is him. Why is it when I finally found the best, I pushed him away? Fear of possibly getting hurt? How'd I ever know that if this one left, I would care? I more than care, I can't stop thinking of him. He was the best, I knew it then but just didn't know how to handle such a perfect guy. My loss, for sure, but yet, his loss as well. Just want to know since he's not around anymore, how to mend my broken heart. So ironic as all I was trying to do was avoid ever getting hurt, but never knew I would end up being hurt more now since I wouldn't let him in. He's with someone else now, so no choice but to give up. I think this has been my only regret in this life thus far.

I adore you. I think I feel in love with you unexplainably quick and you'll never know it but, my heart will always belong to you. I wish you the best, because that is truely all you deserve.


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