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I basically went to college with one goal in mind, to find the love of my life.

We met here at college. I basically went to college with one goal in mind, to find the love of my life. It's a scary thought but I think I've already found him. I was one of those Boy CRAZy girls who was basically attracted to almost any walking male who wasn't a dick. If they were attracted to me, I was attracted to them. If they weren't, there were other boys. If you think you're hot shit, boys will too. REMEMBER THIS! Guys like confidence. Anyway I had a couple dozen guy friends who I was getting to know....potential boyfriends if they were good enough and had enough in common. Then one night I got borred and wanted to go play pool, which I love playing. So my suite mate suggested calling Casey,one of the boys she went to highschool with. I did and we became fast friends. I could tell him ANYTHING from the first day we met. I still can to this day. I didn't even know I liked him until I started dating another guy. I was in class one day and it wasn't Dillan(my boyfriend @ the time) I was thinking about, it was Casey. I was comparing all the stuff we have in common. Camping,coco,pictures, root beer, we're dog ppl, like to fish. We like to play pool, and watch movies.

I had a list in my diary of things I wanted my boyfriends to fill out and he had every SINGLE thing except the abilaty to play guitar and he doesnt country dance well but we'll work on that. Boy do I love that man! And I'm not the sort of girl to say that.
I remember the day I broke up with Dillian. Casey needed to put something in my room and when I stopped to get my purse I found a bar of chocolate on my computer b/c he knew I was breaking up with Dillan that day. He knew it was hard for me. That chocolat bar said "I know u'r havin a bad day tiff, but it'll get better." It was like a little night light in a big dark room.

That night after I broke up with Dillan I went over to Casey's. Casey knew I liked him, but I didn't know if he liked me back. I was nervous and excited. I thought I was going to throw up. He asked me how things went and I gave him the details. I decided to stay the night and sleep in his bed with him. Don't tell my parents! Everytime he would start to drift off to sleep I would go "psst, are you sleeping yet?" He would start to laugh. I had to keep him awake! I HAD to know if he liked me. It was important!!! I was not kissing him first like I had all the other boyfriends I had. After 4-5 of those he finally gets the courage to say "Can I kiss you?" :) yay!!!!! And then he asked me to be his gf and we stayed up all night talking. I'm still currently dating my best friend. May 7th is our 5 month ann.

I literally fell in love with my best friend!! I was willing to take the leap and hope he'd catch me. He did and we walked back to the top of that hill together lookin at the scenery. It's a lovely view. Ps-don't worry if you guys aren't always at the top of the mtn, theres a chance of getting back on the top.


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