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My love is an AMAZING person

Love is not controlling.
Love is Not possesive.
Love is not feeling that you need to change yourself in order to save something you think is right.

Love is a feeling that consumes your whole body at some points.
Love is when you stop looking for "love" because you've found "the one" you belong with.
Love is when you feel safe and at home by simply thinking of that special someone.
Love is holding that someone close to your heart, no
matter where you are or who you are with.
Love is wanting nothing more than for that someone to be happy.
Love is living each day, hoping you will get to see their smile, hear their laugh and feel their presence.

My love is an AMAZING person. I've known this from the time that we met, don't ask how, I know we were young but there was something about you that worked its way into my heart and I haven't been able to forget about you, even after allll these years.

You mean the world to me and I still, and will continue to love you, with all my heart.


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