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We met at a hotel in a hockey tournament

Hey everyone im here to tell u my story. I no its long but if u guys took the time to read it as i did to write it i would really appreciate it. Im 15 years old and the amazing girl i love lives about 2 to 3 hours away from me. This isnt much of a problem since i have relatives i usually see there. Ive known her for 2 months and since then she has completely changed my life. We met at a hotel in a hockey tournament and before i left i got her phone number and weve been talking on the phone almost every night for at least a couple hours. We always talked about how much we miss each other and I cant help but compliment her all the time. :-))Whenever i hear her voice i feel like im in heaven. Shes not only beautiful on the outside but shes got the most amazing personality. The first part of the month it was just a little crush but at the end when it was gettin closer to when i was coming to see her we both started getting really anxious and thats when i really started to like her. The day came on April 20 when i went down to see her. She was busy that Friday so she called me in the morning from her church and asked if i wanted to come see her. I was so happy i almost cried so i got ready and walked for what seemed like forever. When i was a couple blocks away her friends went out to see if they could see me walking they did and ran back inside. This whole time i was still on the phone with her and she sounded so cute :) when i said i was about 20 feet away she hung up the phone to come see me. i walked around the building to see her standing there smiling. SHE LOOKED SO AMAZING IVE NEVER BEEN THAT HAPPY. we ran to each other and hugged and i was smiling the entire time and so was she. she has the sweetest smile. we walked into the church holding hands amazed that we were actually with each other. I went downstairs and met her mom. I kept my cool lol first impressions and all and later they told me that she liked me and i hear its a really good thing if her mom likes a guy. After we ate at the church we went to her house for a little bit with her sister and friend than we went to her friends house. At her friends house we layed on the couch together sharing a diet coke and a bowl of noodles haha. Then she said she would be right back and she came back with a blanket. We put it over top of us and cuddled for a few minutes before it happened. our first kiss. When i kissed her my mind was racing she had such soft lips it amazed me and that moment was perfect. after a couple more kisses there we went to her house for a little bit. We snuggled under the blanket and i couldnt be happier just sittin there with my baby as comfy as could be. Her dad is really protective so we had to be cautious but when we had to go into town and i knew i couldnt kiss her upstairs so i gave her one more kiss before we went up...i loved it still. We got into town and went to the movies..2 actually..the first was vacancy and it was pretty scary even though most of the movies i couldnt take my eyes off her. she was kinda slouched down in her chair but i didnt mind since we held hands and i was there for her when scary parts came. Shes so amazing. I thank God every night that shes in my life. we kissed a couple times in the movies and i still loved it haha with me a kiss from her would never get old. The second movie was Hot fuzz and it was a less interesting movies but again i wasnt really payin much attention. But out of all the amazing feelings i felt one of my favorites was when id look down at her slouching in her chair and shed look up at me...i felt like i was melting... ive never had anyone make me feel like that just by lookin at day i hope to see it again :( after the movie was over we stayed in our chairs and just looked in each others eyes. the theater was empty and i felt as if we were the only people in the world.. everything was so quiet and i was alone with the girl i loved. I kissed her about 5 minutes after sitting alone with her. Each kiss we had got better and better for me. She said we should go see what her friends were doin but i asked if she would stay and cuddle until they came and got us and she agreed so we sat there for what was about 5 minutes but it seemed way to fast. to me it felt like a couple seconds but they were some of the most amazing seconds of my life.. after that i had to go home and wait till the next day... That night was the worst night i have ever had. i couldnt eat i couldnt sleep i just thought about her and sat in my bed. i couldnt get away from clothes smelled like her...i saw movies in my suitcase and it made me think of her more...i covered up in a blanket and thought about how we shared a blanket that night and i couldnt take it any more and i let some of the tears i had for her fall from my eyes. That night i probly cried about 5 or 6 times and finally i cried myself to sleep and this is not a word of a lie. The next day she said she was gonna call but i had to leave in half an hour at was 11:30...if i didnt have plans with her. so i called her and woke her up and she said she couldnt come into town or i couldnt go to her house...she lives outside town a lil bit by the way... when she said i couldnt see her before i went home i was crushed..i thought as hard as i ever have to come up with a way to see her... and i found it out...before i left town i go by her lil town jsut outside the city to say goodbye cuz i go by there anyway to go home...i was so i finally got to the place where we had to meet since her dad didnt want me to see her so she had to sneak out.. we met at the mailboxes in her lil town and my mom went for a smoke out in the country while i said goodbye. When i saw her it made me smile instantly..i couldnt help it... and it was amazing how that time away from her.. that one night...made her look more beautiful than shes ever looked before... sure actresses are hot...but to me she looked better than anyone id ever seen...she is the most beautiful girl in the world... she brought 2 cameras from home since the last time we met we didnt get pictures and we really wanted some... right when my mom got around the corner i kissed her instanly...i couldnt wait any longer and it felt so good... like my heart was complete again since i was with her again. we took pictures and my mom was comin down the road and i knew this was the last time we would see each other for awhile so one more time i gave her a kiss and it was the kiss that meant the most to me now since i never realized it would be possibly our last kiss... it was April 25, a Wednesday at around 9:30 when she told me she was having second thoughts....when i read those 4 words my heart and body and brain all scattered i didnt expect it to happen that suddenly...i told u how shes religous right well the next words in the next paragraph she wrote me made me feel more empty and alone and sad than i ever thought was possible... she said "i just dont think we we belong together i just get that feeling sometimes" and when u hear that from a religious girl that u think will have the faith to say that she believes u guys were meant to be together it completely wrecks your mind... at that moment i couldnt believe what just happened and i tried to make her understand that it could work but it didnt help...she was moving even farther away now and she said we would never see each other and she didnt want to wait for me forever and i can see whats shes gettin at but what she didnt no and i told her is that i would give up my social life and everything i have just to make me and her work...but she didnt think of it like i did...she signed off msn after that and i talked to her sister and she wishes it coulda worked out too, but that doesnt mean its not goin to...the point of the story is love is crazy and will make people do crazy things it can happen anytime...if someone says its not love that its to early dont believe them...only u no in ur heart whats right... for the rest of my life i will try and be with this girl cuz im in love with her and shell always have a spot in my heart but if we dont work out and if we do go seperate ways ILL NEVER FORGET HER FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE and i will pray for her the rest of my life if u read this GSM please realize that i love u and will always...please never forget me baby =-)i love you too much to let u go.


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