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you are the best thing in this world

I'm sorry the way I treated you.

You are the love of my life and you're not here, so, I wish I could forget you. I would contact you, but you told me not to. I remember every thing about you and I still feel the things I did the first minute I saw you.

I was so sensitive from fear. I didn't want to accept
I was falling for you. Didn't know it, but once you were gone, I did.

I think I could be your everything; as it turned out you were mine.

I know you're not coming back. As heart breaking and
stomach turning it is to accept; I'll do everything in
my mind to stop the thoughts of you, but my heart will
remain only my true love for you.

What a waste. A waste nothing short of the worst stupdity senseless and needless mistakes.

I love you and you have no clue what I could have meant to you. Either did I, but now I do. I know my feelings are nothing short of what the meaning of love is all about.

Except for now I know the difference between you and everyone else. The difference is the way I feel about you
and noone else has ever come close to that. If you were to ever return in my life, I would shy away from fear because your presence means you're worth the risk and the way I feel
means you are the best thing in this world and I don't think there is anything that I wouldn't do to be the love of your life.

I love you.


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