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So, I ended up sending her this poem

There was this girl.. She was the best thing ever to me, I loved her and she knew this. I was too afraid to ask her out until about 4 months ago, and when I did, I sat through a week of "Lemme think about it"s.. Well, I never did get an answer because one day she ran up to me and told me "OMG YAY!! ME AND KEVIN GO OUT!"

Well, I didn't really like this Kevin already, so I decided to confront him. Everyone thinks he's in a gang or w/e but I didn't really care. I went up to him and punched him. A teacher was right there and the teacher pulled me back. I got suspended for 3 days.

When I came back, that girl was extremely mad.. So, I gave Kevin this piece of paper that said my address and if he wanted to really "kill me" like he said he did, he can bring him and all his "homies" with him to come and try. 4 months later, nothing.

Well, this Kevin guy is really bad news. They've broken up 6 times so far and every time, this girl who I really care about doesn't seem to understand.. We did go out once, but she broke up with me after a 16 hour relationship for him.. It made me really mad so I wrote her a poem. It read this:

"When I saw you that fateful day
I was very glad
Then I found out that you had a guy
and it made me very sad
I could not under stand what happened
Why were you so bad?
Oh, I really hate you!
You made me so mad!
I wish I never told you
I wish I never had
This guy that you are with
He is defiantly a fad
He will not last too long
Wait till he meets your dad
He wants to play with your kitten
You might want to play with his lad
But he will abuse you!
He will take you to some pad
He will tell you that he loves you
He will make it seem so rad
He will forget one thing
That could mess up life a tad
He is going to get you pregnant
He will leave and you will be sad.
I told you that you should have been with me
But now I am so glad
The real side of you I have seen
The feelings that I had
are gone forever, I hate you so!
You make me really mad!
Enjoy your life you bitch!
It is going to be so bad.."

About a week later, I was really sad because she was avoiding me and her and Kevin had just broken up so I wrote her, yet another, poem:

"I am sorry for insulting you
But in a way I am quite glad
It gives me a chance to talk to you
I really liked you, you made me sad
You betrayed my love - a love so strong
Is that really so bad?
How was I to know you had a guy?
I am sorry if I made you mad
I wish I never yelled at you
I wish I never had
But the truth is that I love you
It is certainly not a fad
I was upset that I could not be with you
I even told my dad
He sat me down and told me
He said "This I tell you lad
A girl is a girl for sure
Even though she wears a pad"
Although it was confusing
His advice, it was quite rad
I still really like you
Do you like me a tad?
Or will I continue to be alone?
Will I continue to be this sad?"

She told me she did like me. We held hands that day, well, until her friends saw her holding hands with me.. She jerked her hand away when her friends walked by and tried to ignore me until they were gone and whatnot..

We had to play at a concert for school (We're in Orchestra) and she was sitting in my lap and hugging on me that day too.. Then her and Kevin got back together and it made me really sad so I told her I hated her and she she got all mad.. So, I ended up sending her this poem:

"I loved you then I hated you
and then I felt a bit bad
You upset me and I upset you
and then you made me sad
I said sorry but you were harsh
I did my best to stop you being mad
But enough is enough, its gone on too long
I can't be bothered - meh."

She apologized after her and this Kevin guy broke up AGAIN.. 2 days later, and here I am. Being used to make her EX jealous. Heard her and her friend talking.. She said she was on the phone with Kevin and it went like this:

Him: "Hey baby."
Her: "Don't call me that.."
Him: "Fine, I got to go then."
Her: "Me too, my best friend is calling me!"
Him: "Who's that?"
Her: "My soon-to-be boyfriend, Daniel!"
Him: "Wow, w/e.."

Meh, this is quite BS.. I really love her and it comes to find out, she just wants me to make Kevin jealous.. Why does this have to happen like this.. :
Oh btw, My name is Daniel


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