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you should ask them out before someone else does because trust me you'll regret it.

i loved him but it was too late

it all started in the begining of shcool i thought that this boy was was in the middle of the year and every day that went on i liked him more and more.i didnt know if i should tell him that i liked him because i was affraid of getting rejected even though we were perfect for each other. some days i would say why not i should tell him how i feel but other days i would say no mabye were not ment to be... until one day i saw him walking with this girl and i find out that hes going out with her practically everyone was telling him "who dared you to go out with her" i was mad at myself not so much because i lost him for another girl but because i didn't tell him my feelings. i told my friends the whole story and they said i should of said something because i would had made a better couple with him ..two weeks went by and one day during class the teacher was reading a book when his girlfriend comes in i thought he would say hi to her instead he tries to cover his face up so no one would see him. it looked like if he was embarassed of her.. they are still going out but i dont think its going to last..and even though if they break up i dont think i would go out with him any more why i dont know i just dont think it feels right anymore... but even though he is going out with someone else im glad in a way because he kind of taught me something... he taught me that if you really want something you should go for it and take a if your reading this especially guys if you really like somebody you should ask them out before someone else does because trust me you'll regret it.


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