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the boy who I thought was good for my friend is perfect for me.

I was setting my friend up with this guy she knew. He was cool,nice,cute and funny. So I figured i was doing her a favor. I told her what to say, but she couldnt. I asked her if she liked him as a boyfriend. She replied "no" and to my surprise she meant it. One morning before class I was in the gym playing volleyball. The guy was on my team amd my friend was on the other. he smacked the ball into her head when she was not looking. Then he turned to me and smiled, like he was trying to show off to me. I laughed and told him that he made my day. He smiled back. My friend just go pissed and walked off because she was majorly embarressed. She came around and was not mad at me but at the boy. All day she said he laughed at her. I asked him and he said "no" with a mean expression in his voice. I didnt believe him because i knew he did make fun of her all day. Anyways I was talking to my friend at free period when he came over and told me a joke. My friend could care less. I relized that I was playing cupid for me not my friend. I had to stop falling in love with him. i had to find info on him. I found out who he hung out with. A guy named Mark who briefly I was friends with until we just stopped hanging out. I could get close to the other guy if I got close to Mark. I also found out the guy,not mark, father had a heart attack when he was little and had died. I was going to tell him "sorry your father died" but I decided not to. My other friend was telling me that the girl I was trying to set him up with was telling me bad stories about him so that we would not want to set him up with her. Now i have to decide to fall in love with him or set him up with her. I am falling in love with him. I relize that the boy who I thought was good for my friend is perfect for me.


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