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i will neve forget this angel that was sent into my life

i was hurt in my past one too many times. i use to have the best morals, never cheated, never lied, never drank or did anything i would regret... but after being kicked one too many times i started to give up on not only my current boyfriend (who was a liar and cheater) but myself. instead of just leaving him and finding something amazing, i gave up. which was by far the worst mistake i ever made. i became very upset with life and became a drunk/suicidal mess... after three years of this, a boy came into my life that at first i did not know what to expect... however, in time, i realized he was the one for me. i was still with my current boyfriend and was going through a lot so i pushed the one that was amazing away from me. the one i love found out i was still with my ex after i told him i wasn't, the one i love found out a lot of things that i lied about, and somehow.. he still loves me. i still have him now and the past three months have been a battle, but a battle well worth it... i dont know where this love is going to bring us. all i know is that i will neve forget this angel that was sent into my life to save me and change all my goals. i will never forget him even if he ever decides to leave. and i will never leave him or find another. i know its easy to say.. but all of my life i have settled for things i did not want, and i finaly found exactly what i want and i REFUSE to ever settle for less... i love him. and i will cherish him and every moment spent with him until the day i die.


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