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I hope i am not forced to live without her

There was a girl who moved here from her home which was pretty far away. She did not like the move so she stayed away from everyone. She talked to people nicely but never really made friends. Well, she was in my grade. we talked a lot and became friends. Whenever people treated her mean I would defend her. She was more of a rebel compared to people here and she was fun. I fell in love with her. I told her this and I saw her face turn from a smile to a frown and she told me she could'nt fall in love with me more than she already did because she would leave to move to her old home in time. We were still friends. One day she left and people forgot of her. She was nice,funny,brave,inspiring,cool and pretty. I will never forget her. She may be engaged or in a relationship but i loved her more than anybody ever has. One day I want to find her and marry her and have a family. If I can't that's okay but I want to know that she is happy. I love her 4ever and I will find her. hopefully she has waited for me. If not in this lifetime maybe in the next...I hope i am not forced to live without her. i can't lose her again. i love her.


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