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How can something that was never there hurt me

All my life I was looking to see
A handsome guy perfect for me
Looking out the window, all I could see was you
In my lonely nights all I could dream of was you

I never really knew the truth
I didn't know what was right
Before it all seemed like a dream
A fairytale nothing like what it seemed

You killed me inside - I was dead
But nothing could make up for the tears I shed
You were falling for that pretty girl
You broke my heart, you were my world

You never even said you loved me
How can something that was never there hurt me
Sitting on my bed I feel all alone
Now I'm feeling like a stranger in my own home

I lost my confidence and my faith
With you around me I felt safe
I wouldn't get over you, I never could
You never loved me, I just misunderstood


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