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god please forgive me about What sin I have done!

I dont know why, I have a great love with your country, every thing about your country brings me so much happiness, from culture from literature, from art... and now from you - my dear. Because of this love, that one day I started to your country's chat room (I have never liked to chat before), only five minutes. Dear do you remember if that time you dit not answer me that you just locking for a good friend, may be We'd never meet again. We did not meet after along time, just offline MS and some mettings like any normal meetings, no thing would be happened if u did not disappear for two weeks. That I realized I miss you. You came back and told me that you miss me very much those days, that u love me that you wana have got me in your life. Dear I was afraid that's not love, that we were made serious mistake. I told you that I have boyfriend, yes I have. That why I just can say that We are friend only, Dear, I feel like that I have done a sin. Now I have no right to hurt him and hurt you more. Because of you, because of him I cant tell you the truth that I always miss you and may be Im in love with you, some time I dreamed about coming to your country to meet you at once, thats all enought for me, may be I'll come to meet you in my other life, coz this life I belong to him and this country. Dear, my heart wana talks to you so much but my mind doesnt accept, there is some limit of the life that we cant overcome. Even you were just kidding me or every thing you have said just for fun and friend ship, I'll always belive in you, and your happy is my most wanted. Dear Some words cant explain all my feeling and may you will never know my true feeling, like the mail'd never be sent, I say for my self only that I love you my dear, and god please fogive me about What sin I have done!


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