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I slowly drifted to sleep when he woke my and told me he loved me

Okay, I have had a very, very hard life. Last year I was sick at home while my parents and two sisters had to go to church. On their way they got in a horrable car crash, there was no survivers. Two months past and with a lot of help from my family and friends i was able to deal with the loss of my 4 family members.
Ever since then i went to church every sunday. There was a guy who started going to church, and i could tell he was eyeing me. after i go and ride my motorcycle on a local track, (to keep my mind off things) It was only me there when a truck pulled up and out walked the guy from church. I was so supsized (becaused he was kinda cute) and i crashed. He got on his motorcycle and rode to me. Helping me up, i was crying. "Whats wrong" he asked me. I told him it was because i was a wimp. He lsaughed an thought i was funny, I told him it wasn't because i wrecked it was because that day was the one year anniversery of the death of my parents and sisters. He held me in his arms to try and calm me. I was too embarassed and told him i had to go home. He said his name was Brandon and i introduced myself. He said he was going to follow me half way home to make sure i got home ok. and he did. The next sunday I met him at the track again we talked and raced and talked.
Every sunday i would meet Brandon at the tracks I asked him over for dinner one night. He said "Yes" When we got to my big empty house, i cooked him some of my mom's famous soup. He loved it. All night he couldn't stop staring at me. I would just giggle and look the other way. I was doing the dishes when he asked me to take a walk with him. I live in the country so no one would see us walking. As we were walking he took my hand. My whole body tingled. When we stopped at some trees he asked me to dance. I tought it was kinda weird, dancing in the middle of some trees with no music, but i said yes. he took my waste and held my close. We staired into eachothers eyes. He then leaned in and kissed me. It was the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life. we fell to the ground still kissing. It turned dark, and we finally stopped kissing and laid there look at the stars, my head on his chest.
I slowly drifted to sleep when he woke my and told me he loved me. I told him i loved him. Ever since we have been together, closer then every.


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