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He was this sweet, kind, caring, georgeous, clever guy.

2 years ago I first saw this guy when I went camping with my friends. I thought he was cute and couldn't help starin at him. I didn't get a chance to talk to him as I didn't get to see him so much after that. We left 3 days later so I just forgot about him. A year later in one of my classes I saw him again. Me and my friend sat behind him and his friend. I really wanted him to talk to me but eventually got bored of waiting so I asked him if he was something (even though I knew he was) as I'm one too. Then we just introduced ourselves. Every days we started talking more and more, and one day he asked me for my number and he gave me his. He started texting me and I got to know more of what he was like and started falling in love with him. He was this sweet, kind, caring, georgeous, clever guy. He asked me out once - it sounded real but was a joke and later that month me and his friend and I were just messing about saying we love and hate each other, and the person I loved told me he loved me. That was meant to be a joke or sarcastic or something. I kind of got the feeling he liked me too but he never said it for real. But everytime I see him I feel like we're meant to be together, we're perfect for each other. Last day of the semester I told him that I loved him but ruined all of it as I rushed it too fast. He didn't talk to me much since the past year. But now I've started talking to him again and the friendship we lost might come back again and I still think he likes me.
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