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passionate kiss the lit my soul on fire!

Well there was this one party at my best friends house. This was her first party mind you and she was very busy making sure that no one was breaking anything. So anyway, i really liked this kid that was there. i mean he was cute, well he was hott and i knew he felt the same way about me. He always kept staring at me from across the room and when i would look over he'd look away. it was kinda cute actually. So after talking with some friends i finally got on the dance floor. So i was dancing with my other friend when suddenly i guy got behind me. i thought nothing of it and started grindin with him. Then i realized that it was the guy! So after like three songs we both decided to part away from each other. Then he came back 2 more times during the night! i was like, either i dance really well, or this guys likes me! So i went into the kitchen for a water break, and i saw my best friend (Lauren) running around. i told her to stay and talk to me. So we were talking for a second when i felt something behind me. i turned around and the guy was standing about 1 foot and a half away from me. He was like, in a deep voice, "Hi my names Chris. What's urs? I know u be doin it out on da floor" i giggled and was like, "I'm _______ and obviously i must be doin it on da floor if you came back 3 times." He laughed and told me that he would've came back a fourth time if i hadn't gone for the water break. Then we started talking about random stuff. Finally he asked me for my phone #. i was like sure, so i gave it too him, then i kissed him on the cheek. i was about to walk away, when he slid his arm around my waist and pulled me back to him. Then he pulled me relaly close to him, we had to be face to face. He let the suspension and the heat burn between us. Then he pushed the hair back behind my ears and came in for a hot, deep, and passionate kiss the lit my soul on fire! it was amazing! so amazing that i didn't want to stop. He stopped and i was like no no no! keep going! and he was like hellz yea! Then he grabbed me even tighter with his hands cupping my head. Somehow we managed to go into a secluded room with our lips still locked. Then we made out for an hour with him on top of me. Later we switched positions. We're still going out till this day.


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