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even though he dosn't love me i will always always love him

may be one day i will see him agane
i mate him years ago i wes 16 whan we mate i fell in love with him but he dosn't know that i try to show him with action coz i got scard to tell him but he seems that he dosn't care even though i want hem so badly we start makeing a big gap between us i mian he start making the gap whan i reyaliz that he dosn't fill the way i fill i got hert that meke me wana forget about him or may be making him mad. so i made a stupid littl girl decision.i make out with his freind he wes mad but not becouse he likes me or he got hert becouse i disrespect him. and far for me to reyaliz that i shouden't done that so i let him know every theing i told him that i did it coz i love him and coz i got hert he didn't belive me but he sade thats ok and he sade he forgive me and we can be together that makes me to love him more i got crezy about him but anforchnatly he didn't changed he even got worse and i got realy hert i misses him a lot but i wesn't be able to see him he give me excuses not to see me all i did wes sit and cry my freinds wes teling me to forget about him but i coudn't my heart knows he is the one for me deep in side but i had no proof to show every one all i can do is wate antil he comes back i see him ones in the wille but those days are very dark for me i allway went home and cry i start haiting my self coz i did know what eles to do i wes always scard to call him and i wes really really scared to see him eyes coz what i alway see is disrepctfull egnor we stade like almost 2 years and i diside that i have to totaly forget about him coz i know that i cant hert my self eny more i stop talking about him hilion times a day i stop calling him i even stop going the place he hangout and it did work for a few month i start dating anther giy afer all i had to leve the contry for a long time i new ther might be no chance to see him agane i throw a party on my last day thare and he wes thare and he wes same old same old.
after i left the contry i never though that i will look back and thaink about him but he wes the first person that i always think whan i wake up in the morning missing him keals me inside and i realize that there is no way that i can forget about him and start a new life in a year i went back home for vacation and i ran in to him in a party he wes serprize to see me he seems change a bit he wes treting me nice we start goning out it wes noting but a fun for him i mien thats waht he sade to me i seem him ones or twise a week thats all eventhough i want to see him more but i try to be cool about it coz i relly don't wanna bother him like be for after all i left back home and i disided to keep him in my heart allway forever eventhough he dosn't love me i will always always love him with all my heart


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