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I've watched you date jerk after jerk

I would have given anything to be with you, I'm pretty sure you knew how I felt.. I've watched you date jerk after jerk while I stand here with open arms just waiting, hoping that someday you'll see that we had something, you just never gave it a chance..

You're beautiful ___ and thats all that the guys you date see, is your looks.. I've had these feelings for so long that I dont need to see your face, I don't need to be physically attracted to you, there seems to be something bigger than that happening..

You weren't meant to be with any of the boyfriends you've had, they don't deserve a girlfriend like you.. You need to make your way back to me.. Words cannot describe the ammount of love I feel for you, I feel like we're throwing time right out the window, wasting it on people who don't understand or appreciate us.. I have had you on my mind since that preteen dance that we met at, that memory has stuck with me since.. I love you, and I want you in my life..


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