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i decided to ask her to dance with me

It's funny how me and my girlfriend met or hooked up. It seems like we were always next to each other. We lived in the same projects, except that she lived at the other end of the nieghborhood,but at the time we didn't even notice. We even went to kindergarten togather and the 3rd grade. She was cute i say to my self that time in 3rd grade, but my friend liked her. Then she moved on the first day of 4th grade. Years go by and as faith determines, we met agian in middle school. During that time we hated each other. She say i was innoying and fat. But as time goes by i made my come back in the 8th grade. I gotten more fit and got my game up. We were at friends bday party. A slow song came on and i decided to ask her to dance with me. The song was by Mandy Moore. And so i ask her out and we been dating for 2 yrs now.


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