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Stop letting the games and time pass us by

I am still in love with you. In love and sooooo lost. Never have been lost like this before. I knew in my heart, but not in the mind, that you were my Mr. Right. Noone will love you like I can. I think you know it, I think you feel it, I think you want it.

People make the dumbest mistakes only because they may not have experienced such a feeling before. All I know, is I am
in love with you. How or why or how could it happen in such a short period of exposure? Who knows? I am the last person to ever figure it out. All I have figured is, I could be with you forever.

I couldn't even tell you a logical reason for acting the way I did.

But, I can tell you, somehow I know, that I loved you and still love you now. I wish you were around for the time to have passed, to tell you that everything you ever wanted was here, to tell you, that I love you and that you would feel my love for you. I believe your'e indiscreet ways, have proved that you love me to. Stop letting the games and time pass us bye. No more mistakes are needed , but I realize (more then you do), that time is going so
quickly. I will never try to convince you why, but just to let you know, it's all up to you and you know that our chemistry is enough reason for One more try.


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